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Car seat installation requires care

January 22, 2008

Valdosta  -  Simply strapping in your child's car seat improperly could cost them their lives, and Valdosta police are working to assure this doesn't happen in our area.  

Several officers from the Valdosta Police Department met with parents at Northside Baptist Church to teach parents the proper way to install a car seat and check those that have already been installed.

Police say that while pulling people over, they often come across car seats that are hooked in wrong. They say they will always make themselves available to help.  

"A lot of parents don't know that there are people to check it.  You have to be a certified technician to come in and install a car seat.  We have myself at the Police department, if anybody wishes to come by, come and see me," said Michael Anderson of the Valdosta H.E.A.T. Unit.

They says this small step could save your child's life, as wearing a seatbelt incorrectly or strapping in a car seat wrong is one of the major factors contributing to accident fatalities.


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