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Feds want help finding counterfeiters

January 22, 2008

Albany -- United States Secret Service agents continue to track counterfeit money made in Albany.
  An operation busted last week was significant, and they're tracking thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit bills into three states.

U.S. Secret Service Agent in Charge Stan Burruss shows some of the counterfeit one hundred dollar bills that have been found in several South Georgia cities, and now other states. "These are from Bainbridge, Thomasville, Tifton, Valdosta-- pretty much in the Southwest Georgia area. Some over into Alabama in the Dothan area. Possibly down in the Tallahassee area."

Wednesday, Albany Police and Secret Service Agents raided a home on Moultrie Road, and found a counterfeiting operation that Agents term "significant."  38-year-old Dennis Richardson and 23-year-old LaShonda Taylor were arrested.  Four thousand dollars in counterfeit 100, 50, and 20 dollar bills were seized, along with computers, printers, and graphic arts materials used to make the funny money.    They also confiscated the original 100 dollar bill that was used to make these.

 "The way he was making these notes using a computer and color copier, laser jet printer, he had to copy a genuine note, in order to capture an image to reproduce one.  And based on those serial numbers we feel certain these are the same notes," Burruss said.

Now Agents are receiving counterfeit bills with those same serial numbers from all across South Georgia and Alabama. "We think that he was enlisting other individuals, driving to other towns.  Probably passing several thousand and then returning back to Albany."

So now agents track those bills, and ask your help finding the people who helped pass them.  If you have any information on Richardson or the people who helped him pass these counterfeit bills, call your local Police Department or the Secret Service.

The trail of phony bills is a long one, and Secret Service Agents congratulate Albany Police helping them shut this counterfeiting operation down. They encourage businesses that accept cash to teach their tellers the security features in genuine notes and how to tell a counterfeit bill from the real thing.

Agents describe these counterfeit bills as fair to medium quality.

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