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Mobile EKG will save lives

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January 22, 2008

Albany --  Phoebe Putney Hospital emergency workers will now be able to diagnose patients having heart attacks before they ever reach the hospital.

Tuesday, Phoebe donated 39 Electro Cardiogram machines to Emergency Medical Services in eight Southwest Georgia counties.

Those machines will diagnosis exactly what heart problem a patient is having and transmit that information to the hospital before the patient arrives, saving critical time and getting patients directly into treatment.

Baker County EMS Director Andy Belinc says every minute saved could mean a better outcome for patients. "We're 45 minutes out and we can send this right to the hospital here, they see that information, they're ready for us when we get here, rather than us getting here and it's a guessing game from there.  They're ready for us then, and that's a major difference."

Emergency Center Director Todd Braswell said, "Our Emergency Center will have a specialized computer receiving station to receive this information and put it directly in the hands of an emergency physician.  No delays."

The EKG machines cost the hospital about half a million dollars.