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Dreamers awarded at King Day Celebration

January 21, 2008

Albany--  Black and white pictures from the 1960's show a time of possible change and a man who helped to fight for it.

Now in 2008, color shows the product of that fight for freedom. People now sing for a different reason, the freedom they do have.

"It marks the dream of a man that has now become a legacy," said Apostle Charlene Glover.

Many recognize that things could have been different without the man with the dream, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "To know what Dr. King fought for and what he has in turn carried on generation after generation, it's huge," said Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen.

Those are huge and tough shoes to fill. But people today try to at least make strides many years after Dr. King's death. They are considered dreamers. Pamela Green-Jackson dreams of making a difference.

"I feel like that's what I'm doing through the Youth Becoming Healthy project, beginning to help that next generation come along regardless of the color of their skin or whatever their ailments may be. I just want to make the world a better place," said Green-Jackson.

Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen dreams of helping those who can't help themselves.

"You just keep on looking at the person who maybe doesn't have that opportunity in life and try to reach out and make their life a little better than it might have been otherwise," said Meyer Von Bremen.

And Apostle Charlene Glover uses faith for her dream. She dreams like Dr. King by using the church to start a change from within.

"I believe that if you emancipate a person on the inside, and free them from the inside out, you can empower them to be anything else in the world that they dream to be or do," said Glover.

All three received awards for fulfilling Dr. King's dream and all three agree that they want to continue pushing his legacy forward. "To create that same legacy for our next generation so we may turn children and our young people around so they can be society impactors as well," said Glover.

It gives extra meaning now as they lift their voices to sing. They know that a King is possibly listening to the people who continue to change a black and white nightmare of a past into a colorful dream fulfilled.  

A total of eight people received Dream Awards Monday night for their contributions to the community and their fulfillment of Dr. King's dream. They are Dr. CW Grant, Vivian Smith, Jane Willson, Dr. James L. Hill, Dr. James Woods, Pamela Green-Jackson, Apostle Charlene Glover and Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen.

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