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Supporters march for King in Sylvester

Pastor Willie Jenkins of True Revelations Ministries. Pastor Willie Jenkins of True Revelations Ministries.
Marchers walk down Main Street. Marchers walk down Main Street.

January 21, 2008

Sylvester -- The Mayor and nearly 50 members of two Sylvester churches honored Dr. King's memory with a march and message of unity.

In honor of political activist Leila Walker, the city issued a proclamation celebrating her, and Martin Luther King's dream.

Their song cut through the cold, echoing in downtown Sylvester.  "No more crying then, we are going to see the King. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, We're going to see the king..."

Each step, each word a cry for unity, brotherhood, and a dream for Worth County.

"It may be a slow process but our whole, our main focus is just whatever way we can to just contact, touch people whatever way we can to let them know we must still continue on to carry out the dream of Dr. King," said Pastor Willie Jenkins, of True Revelations Ministries.

A dream that could be threatened by a surge in gang activity in the schools. In today's message, a call to action for parents.

 "What can destroy a community is parents not getting involved in their kids lives, not teaching them the aspects of what gangs could do," said Sgt. Demetric King of the Sylvester Police Department.

It's why Sylvester police will set up a mentoring program for students, encouraging them to get a good education and exercise their right to vote. It was the passion of Dr. King and Worth County's own Leila Walker, who was honored as part of today's ceremony.

"She's smiling right now, on her face, because of what's going on right now," said Minnie Williams. Lelia Walker's daughter.

Because the next generation has heard the call. "All youth need to get involved and realize your legacy from behind your generation and then you need to pass it on from generation to generation," says Chelsea Moie, a student. 

They promise to keep the dreams of King and Walker alive. The Martin Luther King Day celebration continued into the night in Sylvester with a program and music at the First African Baptist Church.


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