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Camilla pecan fire continues to burn

January 21, 2008

Camilla-  Thick smoke billows and flames continue to burn at a pecan warehouse in Camilla a week after the building first caught fire.

Oil from the pecans at Camilla Commodities Services Incorporated is fueling the flames. Monday, firefighters used excavators to dump dirt on the oil that's pooling behind the building. Three of the four warehouses have now burned. Security personnel called out firefighters again this weekend when the fourth warehouse caught fire.

"The fire that's burning in the back, it got to the oil, the oil started going toward the building and basically the fire finally lit up to the oil that was near the building and the flames just shot up and caught the building," said Jack Barrett, Parker Security.

A representative from the Southwest Nut Company said fire fighters were able to save their building and the four million pounds of pecans inside.

Everyone is keeping a close eye on the warehouse to make sure it doesn't catch fire again.



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