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Thomas County dogs need rescuing from rescue shelter

January 20, 2008

Boston -- A shocking find in Thomas County has the Thomasville Humane Society and Animal Control outraged. More than 30 dogs were seized from 3888 old Quitman Road in Boston, Georgia.

The address is listed as Sixth Day Animal Rescue Incorporated, a non-profit organization.

When Animal Control officers responded to a concerned citizen's call, they didn't expect to find this.

"They were forced in wet, mud, urine and feces. You wouldn't put your worst enemy in the conditions that we found there," said Thomas County and Thomasville Humane Society Executive Director, Carol Jones.

"If I had to estimate that the pins had ever been cleaned in their lifetime I don't think that they ever had," said the veterinarian on call, Beckey Malphus.

This was especially shocking coming from an animal rescue site. Forrest Massey is the president and co-founder of that Sixth Day Animal Rescue Inc.

"She had a license as a rescuer in Georgia. The criteria that she had to go by was the same as a shelter," said Jones.

"This being a rescue person is suppose to be rescuing animals out of that situation; these were rescued into a worse situation than probably they came out of," said Malphus.

Sixth day Animal Rescue is suppose to be a 100 percent kill-free shelter, but conditions there were so bad that one of the dogs was found dead.

Now the rest of the surviving dogs will receive medical treatment. 'We brought in 32 dogs total, and we expect another 20 to be surrendered to us," said Jones.

"Some of them do have some skin issues and skin conditions, that's probably from the extremely poor environment. There are some that are in thin condition," said Malphus.

But most importantly they will need homes. "There is a few Jack Russells, Chihuahua mixes, Terrier breeds. Most all of them seem pretty friendly and are desperate for a home," said Malphus.

After several attempts, Forrest Massey couldn't be reached for comment.Authorities say she is cooperating and charges have not been filed against her. The state is also investigating.

The Thomasville, Thomas County Humane Society is now filled to capacity. Anyone interested in adopting one of these dogs can begin to contact them on Tuesday. That number is 229- 228-0613.


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