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Don't get burned using a space heater

January 19, 2008

Albany -- Debra Edwards doesn't really worry about the weather while she's at work. But once her shift winds down the cool temperatures hit her hard.

"Well I get off at about 11:00 PM and that is when the actual cold starts setting in," said Edwards.

And once she's home, Debra uses whatever she can to get warm again. "I am going to get a blanket, cuddle up, get on the coach and get next to my husband because he puts out a lot of heat."

But for those of you who use space heaters, you need to use extra caution.

"The simple fact of it is it causes fires, and this is the big time of year that they actually do have fires," said Edwards.

But this doesn't have to be the case for you or your family.

First you should never use a space heater to dry clothes, warm bedding or heat pipes. Never leave a space heater on and unattended.

Supervise any children or pets around space heaters.

Also when shopping for a space heater, look for one with an automatic shut off feature and heating element guards.

And remember space heaters should have a three foot safety zone. "Be cautious. Just put everything that you have that is flammable away form the space heaters," said Edwards.

These safety tips may keep you or your home from getting burned by the bitter cold temperatures.


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