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Albany man dies of injuries from assault

January 17, 2008

Albany -- The man found assaulted outside an East Albany library Tuesday has died from his injuries.   We've also learned he was a witness in a high-profile murder case.

52-year old John Barbre died about 11 Thursday morning from a serious head injury. District Attorney Ken Hodges confirms that Barbre helped investigators find the two men charged with killing former paramedic Jack Camp outside his East Albany apartment in March.

He would have been a witness in the murder trial of 19-year old Dontavious Wilson and 29-year old Darrell Anderson.

 Hodges doesn't know if the attack on Barbre had anything to do with the murder case. Hodges said "we don't have any evidence at all to indicate it was related to the fact that he was a witness to the other homicide case. We will look into that of course, and if we find that it is related we would certainly take the appropriate action."

Police think Barbre was thrown from a moving car after he was assaulted. Hodges said his office is still working on the Camp murder case, and it won't be tried until at least the spring.

Police continue to ask for your help in the John Barbre assault, what is now a murder case. If you have any information,  call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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