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Murder victim's daughter speaks out

January 16, 2008

Lee County -- 82-year old Arthur Mosely lived in his Lee County home for decades. His life ended there this week at the hands of a killer.

"He didn't bother nobody. He was a peace maker not a peace breaker," said the victim's daughter Vanessa Mosely.

Mosely looks over pictures of her late father who investigators believe was stabbed to death inside his Pettis Road home sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning. But the fond memories she shared with her dad are now shadowed by pain and grief.

"It hurt me. It hurt me a lot to have someone take my daddy from me. I loved my dad a lot," she said.

Mosely's murder sent shockwaves throughout the small community where he lived.

Not far from the crime scene lives the victim's brother, L. G. Mosely, who discovered him dead inside his home Tuesday morning. On a quiet dirt road in a small town, just knowing that a killer is on the loose, many neighbors are on edge.

"When you live by yourself, especially this close to home, it hurts," said neighbor Herbert Sharpton.

While family members are still coming to grips with the loss of an 82-year-old loved one, GBI investigators are still on the scene gathering evidence. Now the question remains: Who would carry out such a senseless crime?

"I want someone to come forward and tell who did it. Tell someone who did it to my daddy because he did not deserve this. He did not deserve that," said Vanessa Mosely.

For now, a daughter mourns the loss of her father - hoping that some peace will come when his killer is finally caught.

Mosely's family says he worked for MCLB for 10 years before he retired and became a farmer.

If you have any information about this case you should contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office or the GBI.


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