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Two arrested in counterfeit bust

January 16, 2008

Albany -- WALB News Ten was first on the scene of a huge counterfeit bust in Dougherty County. A house on Moultrie Road was raided Wednesday afternoon and tens of thousands of dollars worth of bogus bills seized. They even found the printing equipment used to make the money.

 It's a counterfeit operation that spans from Tallahassee to Atlanta. Albany Police, FBI, Secret Service, and Probation Officers raided this home at 120-A Moultrie Road around noon,  and even they were surprised by the size counterfeiting operation they found. Dougherty Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards said "they recovered literally thousands of counterfeit 100 dollar bills, 50 dollar bills, and 20 dollar bills. And they are still pulling bills out as we speak."

They also found the computer and printing equipment used to make the counterfeit money and checks. 38 year old Dennis Richardson was arrested and charged with several forgery, drug, and weapon charges, Also arrested in the home was his girlfriend, 23 year old Lashonda Taylor. She was also charged with forgery. Edwards said "the Secret Service agents on the scene indicate this is a major, major discovery in relation to the counterfeit operations here in the Southwest Georgia area."

 Secret Service Agents brought out two car mufflers that some of the counterfeit money was stored in. Investigators say this counterfeiting ring was widespread.  Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks Whitley said "they have been watching this house since as far as September. And they do believe Mr. Richardson has been supplying not only the Southwest Georgia area, but as far as Atlanta and Tallahassee."

 Marijuana was found in the house, so a drug dog swept the home inside and out. Police say Richardson was just released from prison in November. He had a gun in the house when officers raided it, but offered no resistance.

 Richardson and Taylor are charged with four counts of forgery and face many more charges.


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