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GovDeals is sweet deal for the county

January 16, 2008

Albany - A Government auction website is bringing in hundreds of thousands dollars more into Dougherty County than traditional surplus auctions. In November 2006, the county began using to sell surplus and confiscated items over the internet. It helps the county get rid of old equipment sooner. It also expanded the pool of bidders and brought in more money than traditional one day sales.

So far, the county has made about $300,000 more using the website. "In the past," said Commissioner Lamar Hudgins, "We had to sell our surplus vehicles and property every six months we would have a sale. We'd have to store them and then we'd have to get them all together and have an auction and sale. Now we can do it as they become surplus, we just go on this website and we sell them quickly and generally get more money for them."

Anyone can bid on items in the auctions which last for 30-days.



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