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Women learn to fight back

January 15, 2008

Albany - - News of an increase in violent crime may encourage you to learn how to fight back. Some Albany women are doing all they can to make sure they don't become crime victims. 

If you're smart, you probably wouldn't mess with Susan Butler.

"I know how to do a choke hold. I know how to choke somebody out," She says with a laugh.

Butler may laugh about it now but when it comes time to defend herself, she knows it's no laughing matter. She's one of a growing number of women signing up for self-defense classes.

At Young's Tae Kwon Do, Instructor Ben Robinson knows just what it takes to whip these ladies into shape.

"I always try to tell them, 'if you're not in shape, how are you going to do self defense?'" Robinson says.

They start with warm-ups and conditioning, then it's time to fight.

"We do some basic self defense training. What to do if somebody grabs you, comes at you with a knife or gun, how to break holds," Butler says.

Annie Edwards-Howard is also taking notes. She enrolled in a Karate course, along with her three children.

"With crime rates increasing, I worry about my safety," she said.

So when her kids learn to kick and punch, she's picking up the same moves.

"At least if I know how to defend myself and they know how to defend themselves, I think its an advantage," Edwards-Howard said.

That's just the point instructors are trying to make.

"Women being hurt, thrown in the trunk of the car, end up in their demise and its very important they know some kind of self defense," Robinson adds.

It's precisely why Butler signed up and the knowledge she walks away with from each class, keeps her coming back.

"I wish I would've learned this in my 20's."

But she's learned, it's never too late to fight back.

"They gotta have a way out," Robinson says.

The women's self-defense class at Young's Tae Kwon Do is fairly new. Classes are offered seven days a week and you can sign up anytime.

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