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Slow down on Westover!

January 15, 2008

Albany - Traffic engineers hope to reduce the number of crashes in one area of Albany by reducing the speed limit. You may notice while driving along parts of Westover Boulevard in Albany that the speed limit changes several times, from 35 to 45 and back to 35.

Traffic engineers plan to make the speed limit in the mall area uniform and change it to 35 from Meredyth to Dawson and from Archwood to Nottingham. "Both of those areas are two of our high crash locations, both intersection and mid-block locations," said Michele DeMott, "There are large numbers of commercial driveways. It's tremendous congestion, more than 20,000 vehicles a day, so all of those things combined brought us to the DOT to ask to reduce that speed limit."

The first reduced speed limit signs could go up in just a few weeks. Citations for violators won't be issued until the signs have been in place for 30 days.



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