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Camilla smoke puts some at risk

January 15, 2008

Camilla-  High clouds Tuesday kept most of the smoke higher in the sky and out of neighborhoods, but that could change Wednesday and the health department is warning some residents could be ask risk.

Thick black smoke poured from the fire at CCSI and drifted over Camilla and portions of Mitchell County. The health department issued a warning to residents to turn off air conditioners and stay indoors.

"Those who are already at risk, those people with chronic conditions, such as asthma some of the elderly who already have pre-existing lung conditions and may be already using oxygen and those type things and of course the children," said Jeri Barnes, Mitchell County Health Department Nurse Manager.

Until the smoke clears, those with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors, delay vacuuming that might stir up dust particles, and avoid vigorous activities both indoors and outdoors.



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