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An inventor solves a great dilemma for women

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January 15, 2008

Undated -- Many women are looking for a product to protect their delicates from snags, tears, and tangles in the wash.

A Texas woman is now selling something that can do just that.

With its delicate colors and purpose, it's hard to believe this idea was sprouted in the U.S. Army.

"I lived with about 50 other women, and we didn't have time to handwash. I made a mental note that someday I would create something that you could throw your bra in and it would come out looking like you handwashed it," explained Delicate Drops inventor Lauren DeMarco.

DeMarco was a young helicopter mechanic when she got sick of washing her delicates with her military gear.

Six years later, she's trying to spread the word about her idea.

"You place either your bra or bathing suit inside, it's great because it protects the shape, the underwire, the bra strap...regular load of laundry in a normal wash cycle," DeMarco explained.

Lingerie store owner Nazrin Hormozi says people who buy expensive bras are excited about Delicate Drops to protect their investments.

"For the time they take to the fit, the money they pay and energy, you want something to save you time at home as well as protect your product."

DeMarco says creating delicate drops was challenging, even for someone who used to fix helicopters.

"I would say this is a little bit tougher actually, because it's all on me."

The bra protector costs $15.99.

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