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Pecan warehouse fire cuts school short

January 15, 2008

Camilla-- A major fire broke out at pecan warehouse and processing plant in Camilla Monday night.  Firefighters got to the CCSI warehouse on Baggs Ferry Road just west of downtown Camilla a little after 8:30. They saw flames shooting out of the roof and thick smoke.

Firefighters surrounded the building and shot water into the center of the warehouse. They detoured traffic around the area. Firefighters from Newton, Baconton, Leary, Hopeful, and Autry State Prison are helping Camilla firefighters.

This same pecan facility had trouble not long ago. Back in November, hazmat teams rushed to the site and two dozen workers had to get checked out at hospitals after what authorities thought was a chemical spill. Turned out, workers went back into a building too quickly after it had been fumigated for pests. 

Four Camilla schools dismissed at 12:30 today, because of the fire.

A school spokesperson said the high school, middle school, elementary school and primary school in Camilla are experiencing low water pressure.

Buses will run their normal routes. Children who do not ride a bus will be taken to the high school where parents can pick them up.

The fire continues to send plumes over the community. Public Health officials are providing health recommendations to residents likely to be affected by smoke.

Infants, children, pregnant women, older adults and people with chronic heart or lung disease, such as asthma, are considered at greatest risk from breathing smoke, said Southwest District Public Health Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant. "The hazard is greater when those at-risk are physically active," she warned.

If residents are outside and smell smoke or see a haze, then it is likely smoke or particle pollution readings are elevated and precautions should be taken.



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