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More charges for counterfeit money suspect

January 14, 2008

Albany -- An Albany woman charged with passing counterfeit bills Friday now faces more charges. Investigators say she tried to ditch more funny money in a Police car.

Monday 32-year old Catrice Glivens was charged with 14-more counts of second degree forgery. Friday she was arrested for trying to pass two counterfeit 100 dollar bills at Hibbett Sports at the Albany Mall. Police found 11-counterfeit 100-dollar bills and three phony 20-dollar bills in the back of the cop Car in which she was taken to jail.

 Investigators want to know if she's involved in other counterfeit cases. Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks-Whitley said "the passing of counterfeit bills has been an ongoing thing in our city. We are also working with the Tifton Police Department because they have recovered some in their area. So it's something we are aware of."

Police say Glivens used two teenage girls to spend the phony bills in the store, but Police have not charged them.


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