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Thieves steal jewelry from Mall customer

January 14, 2008 

Albany -- A Lee County woman is offering a reward for the recovery of a ring and watch that was stolen at the Albany Mall, and she has surveillance video of the suspects.

Take a look at the woman in the purple shirt and man in the white hat and T-shirt, walking into the Belk Department Store Thursday afternoon.

 Patricia Taylor and Albany Police are asking your help finding them. They are suspects in the theft of Patricia Taylor's ring and watch worth $1200. There she is going into Belk, loaded down with bags. She set those bags down on the cash register counter to make a phone call, and witnesses say the woman grabbed one.

 Patricia Taylor says she is shocked that bold thieves would take her jewelry. Taylor said "especially by this lady. She appears to be an older lady. I was very surprised, she is on a cane. I was just taken aback by the whole thing."

Taylor is offering a reward for information, and Police also ask your help. Call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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