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Endangered birds make a trip over south Georgia

January 14, 2008

Albany-  17 endangered whooping cranes were resting their wings Monday night  in Buena Vista as they continue a seven state journey to a National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

A group called Operation Migration uses an ultra light plane to guide the young birds 1,200 miles from Wisconsin to central Florida. Monday, a representative from the group talked to students at Deerfield-Windsor about the importance of protecting the whooping crane's natural habitat.

"A lot of kids don't know what a wetland is, let alone what a whooping crane is and how the two rely on each other for their health. So, what we hope to teach the kids is by our helping the whooping cranes, the whooping cranes need to live in wetlands, well wetlands, filter water so we all have fresh water to drink," said Beverly Paulan, Operation Migration Supervisor of Field Operations.

You might see the birds flying over south Georgia over the next two days. Depending on the weather they'll either stop in Terrell County Tuesday or continue toward the Florida state line. The migration has helped the endangered whooping crane population grow to 500 birds worldwide.

Fore more information about the birds and Operation Migration you can log onto www.operationmirgation.org

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