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Thief steals truck, crashes through fence

January 13, 2008

Albany -- What you are watching is a car break-in in progress. It's one of several last night at Uncle Robert's Used Cars in downtown Albany.

"What I think is they were gonna knock the fence down like they did at the South Georgia Auto Auction and steal the more sporty cars off the lot that they wanted to drive," said owner Danny McDonald.

Surveillance cameras captured what appears to be a young black man in a white hoodie and baggy jeans, entering cars at the lot between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. Saturday night.

McDonald says Uncle Robert's has been in business for almost 16 years. When asked if he had ever seen auto thefts this bad before, he said, "Never. Never."

As you may remember this is same dealership that had two Chevrolet Impalas stolen off its lot in broad daylight on November 16th. But last night, the car thief used the darkness of night to carry out the theft.

You can see the man entering a white Ford pickup around 10:50 Saturday night, a truck which he is believed to have hot wired.

"It was a 1999 Ford F-250, four door, long wheel base. It's got my sticker on the back that says Uncle Roberts. He got in it and took it quick," said McDonald.

But the thief was not just satisfied with the Ford-F-250 after he hot wired the truck, he spent several minutes walking around the lot, even attempting to get inside a white Buick and a Ford Crown Victoria. When he got back inside the truck, he drove over the fence. The truck was last seen driving in the direction of east Albany.

McDonald, who has spent thousands just on surveillance equipment, said, "If this guy gets caught, he broke and entered probably 8 or 9 vehicles in the back so far."

With part of the fence torn down and several of the cars now dusted for prints, Saturday night's auto theft is one in many to hit the area in the past few months. In October, brazen car thieves tried to run over an employee at Jack Stone's Creekside Auto. And not even a month ago, thieves stole two cars from the South Georgia Auto Auction after crashing through the fence.

This is a problem that Danny McDonald believes is getting out of hand. He said,"This is a big problem. It's hitting all the call dealers hard. It's coming to a head. Sooner or later, someone's going to get hurt."

If you know where this truck is, you're asked to call the Albany Police or Uncle Robert's Used Cars at 229-432-5124. There is a reward being offered in the case.

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