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Chehaw Frontier Festival underway

January 11, 2008

Albany -- The lifestyle of the American Frontier will be on display this weekend at the Parks of Chehaw Frontier Festival. This is the 14th year of the Frontier Festival at Chehaw.

 American history is recreated by frontier dressed participants, demonstrating the crafts and trades that people used to settle the American lands. Like Angie Parr of Sylvester, using a loom to weave a sash or a veil for clothing.

Meals being cooked over an open fire, and the tents and teepees that were lived in. Even the Black powder rifles and tomahawks of the day are demonstrated.

 Frontier Festival Demonstrator Nick Baker said "they weren't just for attack, they were for bringing in food. Your fires, flint and steel. Gathering wood. Preparing and storing food. Making your own clothes. It was totally self sufficient."

 The demonstrators will take time to explain what frontier life, and how the forefathers of this country lived. The Frontier Festival continues Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5, at the Parks at Chehaw.


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