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When severe weather hits, are you ready?

January 10, 2008

Albany -- Strong thunderstorms dumped heavy rain, whipped up strong winds and even spawned tornadoes across Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.

"Right now we are looking at nothing more than the possibility of some rain about a half an inch.  And a possibility of some severe weather," said Deputy Director EMA, Jim Vaught.

And though it is mainly expected to be a rain event, officials are ready for the worst.

"We have shelter systems. We have emergency crews not only with the fire and police departments. But we have a Dougherty county rescue squad that assists during emergencies that is made up of volunteers," said Vaught.

Severe weather preparations should also be in place at your home.

"Get in some place without windows, a closet, a bathroom. Some where without windows and get down low. Hopefully it will pass over you," said Vaught.

"When we here there is a severe weather warning, we usually go to the bathroom in the exterior of the house and stay there until we here that the weather is clearing up.

We have a first aid kit and several flash lights. My daughter has a flash light because she is very afraid of the dark. So she has a flash light and so do we," said Yolanda Jordan.

And those who live in mobile homes should be especially careful. 

"Mobile homes have improved over the past years, but if you feel insecure go stay with someone in a brick or solid structure," said Vaught.

But regardless of where you live take precaution.

"If you hear that there is severe weather, take shelter immediately because you never know what might happen. So don't play with your life, just take shelter," said Jordan. 

Because your life can never be replaced. For a complete a list on how to prepare for severe weather click here.

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