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Georgia C.O.O. wants tax change plan studied

January 10, 2008

Albany -- The state's Chief Operating Officer says the tax reform plan proposed by the Georgia Speaker of the House will highlight this year's Legislative Session.

Georgia C.O.O. Jim Lientz says he hopes state legislators will go slow in changing the foundation of the state's governmental funding.  Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson has been promoting a plan to change from an ad volerum tax based on local property and home taxes, to a sales and service tax.

A former area president with Bank of America, Lientz says he feels more study needs to be done. Georgia Chief Operating Officer Jim Lientz said "I think it's a little of a high risk plan to replace the ad valorem tax base completely with sales tax. I think some modification could make sense. But I would say we really need to inspect it."

Lientz says Richardson's tax proposal has a lot of taxpayer interest , and will create a huge debate under the Gold Dome next week.


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