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I-185 plan tops Albany's transportation needs list

January 9, 2008

Albany-  Despite a 100 percent increase in funding for transportation, Georgia projects still fell short last year. Governor Perdue says transportation projects mean different things to different areas of the state.

In Atlanta, it means dealing with congestion, but Albany Mayor Willie Adams says south Georgia expects its fair share. Adams stressed the importance of a major highway leading traffic to Albany.

"We seem to be land locked in this area and I-185 coming from Columbus to Florida is a good idea and we would certainly like to see some movement in that area," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

"In secondary cities like Albany and the regional cities it means better access by road, by rail and by air," said Governor Sonny Perdue.

Perdue said legislators will work on a plan to prioritize the transportation needs of each region. Adams also pushed the Governor to consider plans for a second major airport somewhere in south Georgia.

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