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Downtown Redevelopment Approach

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January 9, 2008

Albany - The new manager of Downtown Albany says a targeted approach to redevelopment will have more success on the area.   Don Buie told Albany Tomorrow Board members Wednesday, he has a three pronged approach on redevelopment in downtown Albany.

He says the first step is an overall assessment of downtown, which has been completed. Next he'll work on blight elimination by partnering with code enforcement. Then, he plans to target redevelopment efforts of the 200 Block of Broad Avenue and the 100 Block of South Jackson Street, and continue with concentrated efforts on a block by block approach.  

He said, "People will buy into redevelopment if they can see that you have a targeted plan, so if we look at the 200 block and we show them a redevelopment plan, it makes sense and it's something that you can see, feel and touch, then you're more apt to buy into an overall plan."

Buie is finalizing a work plan for downtown that he will present to the city commission on February 5th.