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City corrects overtime problem

January 9, 2008

Albany - The city of Albany is paying employees who didn't receive overtime pay they were owed. An investigation by the department of labor into the City recreation department revealed some employees were classified as exempt, meaning they were not eligible for overtime, when in fact, they were.

The labor department calculated what those employees were owed, and about 14 received a settlement of approximately $1000 each.  Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said, "We were initially contacted by the Department of Labor with a complaint in the Recreation department. We have since done the appropriate surveys and evaluations have found a few instances where we had misclassified people and people were due overtime pay. We've handled that. We've given settlements to those individuals and have move on from that department."

Now the city is taking a look at all employees to make sure they are classified in the correct category and if anyone else is due overtime pay.



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