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Albany Tomorrow may reduce membership fees

January 9, 2008

Albany - Albany Tomorrow Incorporated board members want to make it easier for others to join the organization. ATI was established as an organization whose members have a vested interest in downtown development.

Members originally paid a $5,000 fee to join. That was later reduced to $2500. But that's still too much for many business owners and other interested parties to join.

Now, the board is considering a new fee structure. Emily Jean McAfee said, "We don't want to keep anybody away because they can't invest. We feel like the $100 level is a comfortable threshold for most anybody in business."

The proposal would keep the $2500 fee for corporations that have annual revenues of more than $5 Million. Medium companies could join for $500, and individuals and small businesses would pay a $100 fee. The board will vote on the new fee structure at next month's meeting.



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