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More charges, arrests in two county pot growing operation

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January 8, 2008

Lee County-  A Terrell County man charged in July with growing marijuana faces more federal charges after refusing to answer U.S. Attorney questions.

Weyman Harris challenged the U.S. Attorney's office to come get him for questioning, they did, and when they did they found another grow operation at his house in Sasser. They arrested another man and charged Harris with perjury and for having a felony amount of marijuana. Harris also spilled more information about who was running this operation.

This Sasser house raided for an indoor marijuana grow operation in July was recently busted again when federal authorities wanted to ask Weyman Harris some more questions about the operation. Again they found a growing operation inside his home.

"Upon arresting him they found another felony amount of marijuana in his possession," said Lee County Sheriff Harold Breeden.

They also arrested Henry Pouliot. His fingerprints were found on grow equipment from the house on Cinderella Lane in Dawson.

"He was one of your main growers for the fertilizer and stuff like that, you know, mixing the chemicals up to make it grow faster," said Breeden.

In talking with Harris, federal authorities concluded that Dean Slaymaker and Frank Spring had a bigger hand in the operation than initially thought. The operation is believed to have started as early as 2006, with the two as the ring leaders, and with plants from Tallahassee, Florida.

"I think they're the ones that put all of this together and it was just a growing thing you know and finally it came to a head," said Breeden.

In his statement, Harris claims Slaymaker was selling cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine that he was manufacturing in a trailer at Harris' out of the Boxer's Office at the Holiday Inn. That could mean more drug charges and no one thinks this case is over yet.

"It's ongoing and I think some more arrests are going to be made," said Breeden.

Right now federal investigators are getting ready to present their evidence to a grand jury. Breeden said Weyman Harris' is being held on federal charges now, without bond.