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Albany battles the bulge

January 7, 2008

Albany - - Call it The Biggest Loser - - Albany style. 

Last fall, Albany Mayor Willie Adams launched a campaign with Savannah mayor Otis Johnson to see which city could turn out the biggest loser.

Each city signed up 20 families and they have been working with nutritionists. Each family also got free gym memberships and access to trainers.

One Albany man says he and his wife have developed a new passion.

"I already feel better. We go to the gym everyday. This is what stimulated us to start going. IN 2 months, I think we missed 3 days and one of those days they were closed," says Bill Dervan.

Dervan received an award for his dedication so far.

It's a strenuous process though. Already five families in Albany have backed out.

We'll see which city sheds the most pounds next month.


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