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Pecan harvest comes to an end

January 7, 2008

Lee County -- South Georgia pecan growers say the drought helped them produce one of their best crops ever. Growers say the nut quality and quantity are both excellent this year.

Harvesters make their final pass of the season at Century Pecans Grove in Lee County. Growers say they are close to producing a ton of nuts per acre, with the drought being a big help.

 Pecan Growers Consultant Richard Grebel said "it was dry during the summer, and most of the groves are irrigated. So disease pressure, insect pressure was extremely low this year, and we made most of the pecans we set."

Even with the large harvest, Grebel says the price has been stable for high quality nuts, around $1.25 a pound.

Grebel says China has become a huge market buying South Georgia pecans.


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