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Robbery believed motive in a deadly Dawson shooting

January 7, 2008

Dawson-  Robbery. That's what GBI investigators believe lead to this weekend's shooting death of 68 year old Lucius Buchanan.

Buchanan owned a half dozen properties in Dawson, but family members say he was religious about depositing the rent. Neighbors fear whoever killed him may target someone else in their neighborhood while family members urge anyone with information about the murder to call police.

Police tape surrounds Lucius Buchanan's First Avenue home. Investigators believe he was shot sometime Friday night or Saturday inside his home. Neighbors and his daughter say, they last saw him Thursday.

"Friday night here was very quiet, very quiet. A lot of cars were going up and down the streets," said Lucille Burton, a neighbor.

What neighbor Lucille Burton did hear were screams Saturday night.

"I heard this screaming and I said to my mom I heard somebody screaming and it was very faint screaming," said Burton.

The screams came from Buchanan's daughter Cynthia Oxford who found her father's body, but can't figure out why someone would kill him.

"My father was a great guy, he was not just my father he was one of my close, close friends, and he didn't deserve it," said Oxford.

That's why her family is pleading with anyone who may have seen anything that could help police find Buchanan's killer.

"He was my hero and I don't want my family or anyone to remember him as the man who got shot, but remember him as the man that he was," said Oxford.

Neighbor say until someone is caught they won't be resting easy.

 "It's very frightening because a lot of times it's just me and my mom here alone," said Burton.

Investigators have a few leads but are being tight lipped, and won't say how many times Buchanan was shot or what type of gun was used.

Buchanan was retired. Last year his wife was admitted to a personal care home and he's been living alone since then. Anyone with information about his murder is urged to call the Sylvester GBI at (229) 777-2080.



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