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Restrictions on school funding could change

January 7, 2008

Albany-  The governor's task force on education finance wants Georgia's public school systems to be allowed to use state funds with fewer restrictions.

Local schools support the effort. Right now, the state's funding system was set up in 1984 and resembles more of a cookie cutter approach. Local schools say if they could put more money towards areas that now may be under-funded it would benefit students.

"We may have more ESP kids, because poverty is a factor that relates to ESP education. Around Atlanta it's a more wealthy area, so they may have different requirement to educate their children than we do," said Robert Lloyd, Dougherty County Schools System, Finance Director.

Dougherty County School leader met with the Governor's panel 18 months ago to make their recommendations. The panel's been meeting for three years with no recommendation about what to do about the outdated funding formula.




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