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Earlier primary causing more people to register to vote

January 7, 2008

Albany-  Monday was the last day to register to vote in Georgia's primary election and they were lined up at the Dougherty County Board of Elections office waiting for the office to open Monday morning.

Many came in to register to vote along with those who needed to change their addresses so they can be sure their vote counts February fifth. This year Georgia's primary is earlier making the state a bigger player in deciding which candidates will represent their parties and it's encouraging more people to vote.

"Yes I think it has, and this goes back to what we've always said is that it takes the candidates to get people out to vote, to keep them interested, it's not the fact that the board of elections can't do it, the registrars can't do it. It has to be they want to vote for something or even perhaps against something," said Carolyn Hatcher, Dougherty County Board of Elections Supervisor.

Since December more than 280 more people have registered to vote. Election officials expect this years primary will have a better turn out than 2004 when on 27 percent of voters cast ballots.

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