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Oxygen line punctured at Palmyra Hospital

January 6, 2008

Albany -- A construction crew installing a fence Sunday morning behind Palmyra Hospital in Albany punctured the main oxygen line that supplies the hospital's patients.

It happened just before 12 o'clock this afternoon when a drilling machine making fence post holes accidentally breached the main oxygen mane which supplied about 70 patients.

"The oxygen is being supplied by tanks in the hospital. All of our patients are taken care of. We've actually called in additional staff just to be on standby if we need. We have supplemental oxygen coming in and they're bringing in repair people even as we speak," said Russ McGuire with Palmyra Medical Center.

No one was injured when the line was hit and the hospital was not evacuated because it presented no immediate danger. Hospital officials say they were prepared for this type of situation and that the main line should be completely repaired within 24 hours.

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