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Marines deploy to Iraq

January 5, 2008

Albany -- Saturday night several families gave their farewells to relatives that will soon head off to Iraq.

22 local Marine Reservists were activated to help fight the War on Terrorism.

The group packed their bags and will head to Camp Pendleton, California for some last minute training.

Those deploying are excited to be able to serve their country.

"Its actually a great opportunity to be able to go off and do what we are trained to do. And its our job," said Lance Farlow.

"I feel that this is what is in my heart. Not just being in the Marine Corps, but going on this deployment. We have great leadership. I even have some of my family that is going there with me, said Duele Ortiz.

"I am going to miss them and love them, but I am proud," said mother, Gloria Ortiz.

Some of them will be going to Iraq for the first time. Others have already been.


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