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Voters ready for Georgia's Presidential Primary

January 4, 2008

Albany -- Change seems to be at the top of voters' presidential wish list.

"Health care is my main concern and also the job market. There aren't many jobs around. I would like to see that change," said Artanza Jones.

And in Iowa the two candidates vowing to bring it won. But will Georgia follow suit? "It might be Huckabee or it might be another republican," said Chuncey Ward. 

"I kind of like Huckabee. He is honest, and I think he would make an honest president. It's what we need," said Joanne Cleland. 

"In this state its hard to say. I am just one voice. Barack is doing good, but Hillary has the women's vote," said Ward.

"Barack Obama. He could bring about the change. I think that he is there for health care and the economy. And I will vote for him," said Jones.

Whether you are concerned about health care or foreign affairs. Unless you vote. Your voice won't be heard.

"In 2004 we had a 27 percent turnout for this primary, and that is pitiful. And we certainly hope that it will be much better than that," said Elections Supervisor, Carolyn Hatcher.

This year the office of elections has been busy. "It seems like a lot of school kids, college kids have come in to vote on absentee. And registration has picked up too," said Hatcher.

"If we don't vote we might as well not have any say," said Cleland.

"A lot of our ancestors fought for us to vote and everybody is in need to vote. Everybody's vote counts," said Jones.

Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can do it at your local elections office, libraries, even when you get your drivers license.

Saturday there will be voter registration drives at K-Mart and at the Albany Mall.

Monday is the last day to register if you want to be able to vote in next month's Presidential Primary.


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