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Grenade found in Terrell County

January 3, 2008

Terrell County-  A Terrell County Correctional Institute inmate work crew made a dangerous find at one of the county's dump sites.

Workers found a live training grenade and threw it around even pulling the pin. They kept it for days before the Sheriff's office was notified and called the GBI. The grenade was found by inmates emptying the county's dumpers at this location along Highway 82 just north of Sasser. The inmates found other military items but discarded them and kept the grenade. The county's road superintendent found out about the grenade and called Sheriff John Bowens who sent one of his officers with military experience to check it out.

"He called me back and told me it was a live grenade, what did I want him to do? So, I told him to just wait. I called the GBI office in Sylvester and I explained the situation to them and so they in turn called the GBI Bomb Squad out of Houston County," said Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens.

The bomb squad detonated the grenade. Because trash is brought to the dumpsters from all over the county, the GBI says it's nearly impossible to figure out who dumped it there.



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