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Will gun raid end family feud?

January 3, 2008

Albany-  Albany Police confiscate several illegal guns from two feuding East Albany families in effort to stop the violence that's sparked three shootings over the last three days.

A 20 gauge shotgun and several hand guns were seized from the Washington residence along East Roosevelt and three .38 caliber specials were seized from the Vicks home on Mulberry.

Ballistic tests are being done to figure out if they were used in the gun battle between Artavius Washington and Travis Vicks along North Central and Roosevelt or the shooting yesterday on Mulberry. Police hope taking these guns off the street and arresting Vicks and Washington will stop the violence.

"We've talked with both sides of the families. We've explained to them the severity of what could happen if this feud continues. We have addressed the issues of safety of the young children in the residence as well and by collecting the guns, the shotguns we have here, we're hoping it will slow down the activity that's going on between the two," said Lt. Kendra Wilson, Albany Police.

A warrant has also been issued for Dewayne Jones for the shooting at the AppleJax Club New Year's Eve. Police are also looking to question brothers Wayne and Lamar Patterson.

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