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Freezing weather sweeps over the southeast

January 3, 2008

Albany--Thursday is turning out to be one of the coldest mornings so far of the season in south Georgia with temperatures hovering around the low twenties as folks head to work or school.

However, south Georgia isn't the only region experiencing freezing temperatures.

In the northern part of the state about two inches of snow has fallen on the ground.   According to Georgia Power, workers have reported about 2,500 power outages around the upper part of the state as well.

Many residents living throughout Georgia and the rest of the southeast are having a hard time adjusting to this sudden cold spell.

"I'm not doing too well. I just moved here from California, so right about now it's still about 65, 70 in the morning over there, but here it's just killing me. I need to buy some thicker pants. The cold wind is just going right through," says one resident.

Due to the freezing weather we're experiencing, you might want to consider keeping a steady drip of cold water at an inside faucet. 

This will keep water moving, making it less likely to freeze. 

According to the National Weather Service, south Georgia see will see highs of probably only 47 degrees and lows of 22 degrees.




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