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East Albany house shot up

January 2, 2008

Albany -- Police think an attack on an East Albany home is part of an ongoing feud between two families over the murder of a man early last year.

Sequoyah Vicks says someone fired several shots into her mother's house on East Mulberry Avenue about 5:30 Wednesday morning. Three adults and three children were sleeping in the home.

 One of the bullets just missed a woman and her baby. Vicks said "my niece and her baby were laying on the chair when the bullets riddled through this house. This is where the bullet hole came, and this is where her and her baby were sleeping. My concern is it could have hit her and her baby."

Albany Police are looking for 27-year old Travis Vicks. They think he shot at Artavius Washington on North Central Street Tuesday and shot up the AppleJax nightclub on East Broad Monday.

The Vicks family thinks this morning's shooting was in retaliation for those shootings. In April Travis Vicks was shot in the leg at this vacant lot across from the house, and his brother Demetrius was killed in that shooting.

The Vicks are pleading for Police to stop the violence before someone else is killed.

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