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Showers help state capital's main water supply

January 2, 2008

Atlanta--Heavy showers this past weekend have helped save Georgia's capital from a record setting drought.

Four consecutive days of rain boosted Atlanta's cumulative rainfall to just under 32 inches.

Now that's only slightly above the city's driest year on record--which was 31.80 inches of rain in 1954.

This past weekend Lake Lanier, Atlanta's main water supply, received more than two inches of rain steadily raising its water level by about six inches.

Residents living near the lake say they're grateful for every bit.

"I'm happy it's raining. I'm excited," says Akbar Alli, a Gwinnett County resident.

"It could rain for days and days. We're from Lake Lanier. We grew up here and we definitely want to see the rain continue," says Kathy Medved.

The recent drought has affected not only Georgia but about a third of the southeast including South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

While four days of rain won't end Geogia's dry spell, experts say that normal rainfall levels over the next few months could help disappearing lakes, rivers, and streams return to their former glory.

Contributing Sources: CNN/AP WIRE



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