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Still no arrests in church arson

January 1, 2008

Albany -  Members of an Albany Church that was torched early yesterday morning, come together for worship, even though they no longer have a building to call home. It was seriously damaged yesterday morning after someone apparently set it on fire.

While investigators try to figure out who would commit such a heinous crime, the church is now trying to figure out where it will house it's school children when classes resume next week.

Whoever thought that burning up Metropolitan Baptist Church would burn the spirits of those who worship there, was wrong. Just one day after their church was set on fire, members came together this afternoon to praise God for their blessings. "We look forward to tomorrow and we stay focused on the Christ," said Pastor Joseph Howard.  He says he's truly amazed that someone would be so cruel as to torch a house of worship. "It's really sad to know that someone would do such a thing."

Not having a building to worship in, isn't stopping the members from gathering together. Mt. Hebron opened its doors to them today. But it could present a problem next week, when children report back for the daycare, preschool and 1st through 5th grade classes. "That's our greatest area of concern," said Howard, "How the school and daycare will survive."

And while church members search for a building where students can receive their lessons, they may be learning some of their own. "Hopefully it will unite the church and have the people to come together and not have hatred in their hearts," said Pastor Edward Heath of Mt. Hebron. "Really show that person love and that the church can unite and continue to go forward." Starting off the new year on a positive note, even in the face of tragedy.

Once a temporary location for the school is found, parents will be notified.

Police still have not identified any suspects in the case.  A $10,000 reward is being offered by the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office for information. You can call the Arson Hotline at 1-800-282-5804.



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