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Brrrr... Baby, It's Cold Outside!

January 1, 2008

Terrell County - It's going to get cold tonight, very cold. Hope you're prepared. Most of South Georgia is under a hard freeze warning Tuesday night. That means the temperature will dip below freezing and stay there for several hours.

If you have plants or pets outside, you need to bring them in. Steve Collins with Lawn Barber Nursery planned on taking the day off, but if he did, he would lose thousands of dollars worth of plants. "I would recommend that you put them inside the home if they're out on the front porch," said Collins, "but if you have a lot of plants, maybe you could move them in an area where they would be covered to keep the frost off of them."

Tonight isn't the only freezing night we're going to have. The next two nights are also expected to dip below freezing, so once you bring those plants in, keep them there.




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