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15 wrecks in just five hours in Albany

December 31, 2007

Albany -- Debris on the streets, flashing blue lights, and officers directing traffic was a scene repeated throughout several intersections of Albany Monday.

"Today between noon and 5:00 PM we had a total of 15 accidents today or as we call them motor vehicle crashes. Seven involved some form of injury, and one actually required rescue from the Albany Fire Department," said Albany Police Corporal, William Dowdell.

Albany Police officers expected to come across a lot of traffic violations, but they didn't expect so many this early.

"This is the first time that I have worked New Year's Eve during the day and have seen this many wrecks in a short period of time.

One or two were in East Albany. The rest were all over central and west Albany where the traffic is more concentrated," said Dowdell.

These accidents kept emergency personal busy as well.

"There were several transports to Phoebe and Palmyra. We can't give you an exact number because most of those accidents are still under investigation. And at this point we have no knowledge of any serious or life threatening injuries," said Dowdell.

But the Albany Police department was prepared.

"They actually began planning for this starting in the beginning of the month. And we put more officers on the streets where there is a visible presence of a uniformed officer driving a marked police car," said Dowdell.

And the cause for all 15 accidents was nothing unusual.

"They were all really are round-about wrecks, your following too closely, your red light violations, your stop sign violations. They were really caused because drivers are not really paying attention to what they are doing. And instead of obeying the speed limit, some are actually exceeding the speed limit," said Dowdell.

So anyone behind the wheel should be focused to keep from becoming the next accident scene.

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