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Shooting of teen may be drug related

December 31, 2007

Boston--  The early Sunday morning hours at 1475 Martin Road in Boston were terror-filled. "Deputies arrived, they found a young man by the name of Nathaniel Brinson, 18-years of age. Had been shot in the face and the right arm," says investigator Jason Carroll with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

Evidence is clear small children live here, and investigators confirm Brinson was not alone at his aunt's home.  His cousins and siblings, including an infant, were inside. Fortunately neither they nor an adult there were injured.

But people in the room with Brinson were able to tell investigators what they witnessed.  "One man entered the home carrying a handgun. Mr. Brinson was laying on the couch at the time he was shot," Carroll says.  Witnesses identified that man as 43-year-old Ray King. Investigators say another man, 42-year-old Carlton Jackson waited outside, armed with a machete. Both men were arrested and charged.

Thomas county's drug squad commander says both suspects are known drug users.  "I've known both of them for years," says Kevin Lee Commander of the Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division. 

And while police have had no official run-ins with the victim, interviews with the suspects suggest Brinson's own possible involvement in drug activity may have played a part.  "Mr. King wanted to obtain some drugs, was not able to. Later on he was angered by it and went back to try to obtain some drugs," explains Carroll.  Lee adds, "If you read between the lines, like I said earlier it was definitely a drug, a drug shooting."

"Boston is a good town, there's a lot of good people there but its like everywhere else," says Carroll.  And like everywhere else, the battle against drug-related crimes is a continuing struggle.

Investigators say Nathaniel Brinson my lose sight in his left eye but will recover. Ray King and Carlton Jackson are both charged with aggravated assault and burglary, and 2 counts each to cruelty to children in the 3rd degree, among other charges.




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