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Alcohol poisoning increases during New Year's holiday

December 30, 2007

Albany -- Toasting to the New Year can become dangerous if you drink too much too fast.

Hospitals see an increase in alcohol related injuries during the New Year's holiday especially from alcohol poisoning.

Acute alcohol poisoning is especially dangerous because symptoms can be mistaken for a hangover.

Someone who has had too much to drink may not just be sleeping it off.

"Certainly someone who has repeated vomiting for whatever reason is going to need to come in. If you notice any blood in the vomit, they're going to need to be evaluated. Someone who passes out and can be roused, there is probably no problem. If you can't rouse them they will need medical evaluation," said Emergency Physician, Dr. William Flowers.

If someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning, you should call 9-1-1 immediately. Don't leave them alone and continue to try to revive them until help arrives.


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