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Albany Police see a rise in disorderly conduct calls

December 29, 2007

Albany -- Another year has come and gone, and plenty in the good life city plan to celebrate.

"Sales have been good. They really have. I don't know what it is about Albany, but sales have been good," said Ace's Liquor Manager, Glen Nunley.

The business has been so good that stores have extended their hours to cash in on the demand.

"New Year's Eve is the biggest day of the year for us, and it will be packed from eight in the morning until 11:30 PM at night.

Business is good this time of year. It really is. Lots of liquor sales, champagne and wine, but mostly champagne and liquor this time of year," said Nunley.

No matter what your drink of choice may be this New Year, be sure you do it in moderation.

"Most of the calls we respond to are alcohol related. So we do expect that to increase due to the alcohol consumption during the holiday season," said Albany Police Patrolman, Jarda Whitaker.

And the Albany Police Department wants you to help by doing your part  whether you are behind the counter or doing the celebrating.

"We always tell them to be careful and check their ID's. If you're wobbling when you come in and you ain't getting nothing," said Nunley.

"If you are out with friends don't condone excessive drinking. If you are with friends who are drinking or someone who chooses to drink try to keep them at home or with you," said Whitaker.

Not only will this help keep the peace, but this will also save lives.


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