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Public crime perception is strong

December 28, 2007

Albany --    Alarm companies are installing new security systems at an alarming rate.     

Earlier this month, Central Monitoring surpassed the number of new alarm systems they installed last year.  The company says they're typically called after someone's home is burglarized.          

In addition to installing a lot of residential systems, they've also seen many more calls from businesses. 

"From what customers are telling us, the perception of crime is prevalent, or more prevalent in Albany than ever, and I think the stats show also that breakins are a huge, huge, problem and also thefts, thefts from utility sheds, and carports, and garages. Those are very prevalent now, and we protect against them too," said Kevin Hogencamp of Central Monitoring.

Albany Police statistics through October show 96 fewer burglaries in Albany this year, but 235 more larcenies, which include shoplifting and other thefts.


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