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Travelers get there by bus

December 27, 2007

Albany - - Airports have seen its rush of holiday travelers and so have bus stations.

Representatives at Albany's Greyhound Station say the Christmas season brought a steady flow of travelers, though not as busy as Thanksgiving.

Rates are a little higher during this time of year, but that didn't stop passengers from hopping on the bus to make it home or to visit loved ones.

Lucy Heeren came to Albany from Orlando Thursday for the holidays and to welcome an addition to the family, her great grand daughter.

"It was my first time riding a bus and I enjoyed every moment. Oh yeah, I'll be here more often girl," she says to her daughter.

Representatives tell us most busses traveling in and out of Albany have been on time this holiday season, except for a few 15 to 30 minute delays.

That's not bad since one hour delays can sometimes arise.


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